Funding Opportunities

Seed money to help our urban forest grow.

The following is a list of financial resources to help kick-start an urban forest project in your community. If you would like help applying for any of these grants, feel free to contact us.

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks Mini Grants
Time: Apply any-time; applications received by Aug 15 for fall tree planting, Feb 15 for Spring.
Amount: Up to $1000 or 15 trees
The Grand Rapids Urban Forest Project currently offers grants to support neighborhood tree projects. Availability depends on funding, but such projects may include tree walks, volunteer tree plantings, greening events, or any tree-related project improving, highlighting, or celebrating trees in your community.

Living Green in Creston – $500 was awarded in 2012 to aid in the maintenance of Creston's fruit tree orchards.
Heart of West Michigan United Way – $600 was awarded in 2013 for the promotion and support of the Reforest Riverside Arbor Day Planting.
DA Blodgett / St. Johns – 20 trees were provided in 2012 for grounds improvement and canopy replacement following the loss of Ash and Austrian pine trees at DA Blodgett/St. Johns.
Site:Lab – 10 trees were provided for an out-door installation/demonstration of green space at the 2012 Art Prize Site:Lab installation.
Ottawa Hills Neighborhood Association - 17 trees were provided in 2013 to fill empty spaces between the sidewalk and the street.
Butterworth / Straight - 4 trees and funds were provided in 2014 to create new tree pits and expand growing space for trees in this business district.
Thomas Street Neighborhood Garden - 7 fruit trees were planted at the new Thomas Street Neighborhood Garden to create a small Fruit Orchard.
Eastown Community Association/Sigsbee Park Planting- 13 trees were planted within Sigsbee park to create a more enjoyable spot while also increasing our urban canopy.
Grand Rapids Public Library/Seymour Branch/Yankee Clipper - 9 trees planted at these two branch locations to increase canopy and replace ash trees lost to EAB.

You can grab our mini-grant here.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Time: Available July/August
Amount: Up to $20,000
The State of Michigan offers yearly funding opportunities to governments, schools, nonprofits, and volunteer groups to promote urban and community forestry activities such as tree inventories, management plans, planting, and other maintenance activities.

DTE Energy Foundation Tree Planting Grants
Time: Available November/December
Amount: Up to $3,000
Because trees can significantly help reduce energy usage, the DTE Energy Foundation offers small grants to help plant trees on public land in neighborhoods serviced by DTE Energy or MichCon. Local units of government, schools, or nonprofits are welcome to apply.

Time: Awards made in October
Amount: $500
NeighborWoods™ Month is a national celebration of urban and community forests and trees. The Alliance for Community Trees offers small grants to local organizations to help promote NeighborWoods™ events and publicize the value and importance of trees in your community.