100 years ago, people were eating things that most of us will never taste. So what happened?

Time travel back to 1905. Back in 1905, a book called “The Apples of New York” was published by the New York State Department of Agriculture. It featured hundreds of apple varieties of all shapes, colors, and sizes, including Thomas Jefferson’s personal favorite, the Esopus Spitzenburg. That was 110 years ago, when commercial apple orchards More

Citizen Forester: August Update

CITIZEN FORESTER UPDATE! We’re reaching out to give Citizen Foresters and Citizen Forester trainees updates for the month of August!  Month In Review This past month we hosted 4 After Work Tree Times (AWTT), 2 Citizen Forester Classes, a BBQ & Beautify event at Richmond Park, and we graduated 5 new Citizen Foresters- Let’s recap! More

Planting for Our Future: Planting trees with the next generation

There are few things that we love to talk about more than our invaluable partnerships, and this one is towards the top of our list! We’re excited to tell you about Planting for Our Future, a partnership between the Urban Forest Project and the Grand Rapids Public Schools (GRPS). Planting for Our Future (PFOF) is More

A bittersweet photo of the fallen Cherry Park’s bitternut hickory!

Sadly, a beloved bitternut hickory was lost at Cherry Park after succumbing to heavy winds this past weekend.  A tree’s ability to withstand high wind varies from species to species. Several characteristics play into its ability to endure gusts: the height and taper of the trunk, the size and shape of the crown, the root system More

Citizen Forester: July Update

This post is intended to give Citizen Foresters, Citizen Forester trainees, and those interested in becoming a Citizen Forester updates for the month of July! Month in Review The Urban Forest Project had a very busy June! We honored the Mayors Tree of the Year, released the 2015 Urban Forest Project Report Card, kicked off our More

Gardens, trees and flowers are symbols of American independence

“It is impossible to understand the making of America without looking at the founding fathers as farmers and gardeners.”  –Andrea Wulf, “Founding Gardeners,” 2011 Today marks 240 years since the United States Declaration of Independence was signed by members of the Continental Congress, thereby entering the 13 colonies into war with England. It’s an appropriate time More

Timber! Most of St. Louis’ 15,000 ash trees coming down to stop bug invasion

ST. LOUIS • City officials say it’s time to start getting rid of the most common kind of tree on St. Louis streets: the ash. On Thursday, the city started chopping down thousands of ash trees at risk of infection by the tiny green and much-feared ash borer, a bug that showed up in St. More

An approach to pruning you won’t forget

Dr. Ed Gilman from the University of Florida guarantees that once you begin pruning trees using the strategies learn in this webinar, you will not regress to the old way. He demonstrates practical strategies to increase long-term tree survival – starting at planting. Afterwards, you will be able to step outside and immediately begin to More

The Grade Is In.

Despite what you may think, a C- is nothing to be ashamed of. At a young age we are taught that A+ is perfect, B+ is above average, and a C is average. Thanks to social norms we have this idea that C- grade is something to be ashamed of. I beg to differ. Only More

Time to nominate Grand Rapids’ next Mayors Tree of the Year!

If you’ve ever taken a Citizen Forester class with the Urban Forest Project, you probably already know that we open up class asking each participant to “tell us a crazy tree story or name your favorite tree.” Going around the room we have heard stories about a maple tree that someone climbed so high that More