Friends of Grand Rapids Parks – Brewers Grove – Tree Beer

The Brewers Grove project started in 2013 when local brewers asked Friends of Grand Rapids Parks (FGRP) how they could celebrate being named Beer City USA by giving back to our parks and public spaces.  And the idea was seeded to create tree-themed beers that would be offered for a limited time with proceeds going More

Adirondack Tree Bark in Winter

It’s winter. Hardwood trees are bare. But that doesn’t mean the woods are bereft of interest. Winter, when sunlight slants in, is the time when bark comes into its own. Pause to take in the aged-brass bark of a yellow birch, or the hand-sized bark plates on a big white pine. Bark is beautiful. And More

Connect with Trees this Winter!

People tend to forget about trees during the winter months. We assume that’s because the trees are dormant, they don’t have growing leaves or flowers, and little maintenance is required. However, winter months can, and should, be utilized by those of us who may be concerned with the health of our trees and those of More

What is Hemlock woolly adelgid? Why should it matter to me?

Written by: Margaret Miller Michigan has nearly 170 million hemlock trees across its forests making this tree a key player in many ecosystems. Hemlock trees are in the Pinaceae family and are medium to large evergreen. There are four common species in North America. Generally, you can identify a hemlock by its thick reddish brown More

CITIZEN FORESTER: A story of inspiration, commitment and love of nature.

Throughout my career I have been fortunate to work alongside many extraordinary people that have taught and continue to teach me about natural resources, passion, community, and life. Many of the Urban Forest Project’s Citizen Foresters, Citizen Forester Trainees, and volunteers have amazing stories that are uniquely unforgettable to me. Here is one such story More

Chief of Staff issues apology for tree removal from city park for Trump rally

MOBILE, AL (WALA) – An apology has been issued by Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s Chief of Staff Colby Cooper for his role in having a cedar tree removed from a public park to be used as “decorations” during President-elect Donald Trump’s rally at Ladd-Peebles Stadium on Saturday, December 17. Trump was in Mobile for a victory More

REAL VS. FAKE. The Annual Tree Debate.

The real tree vs. artificial tree debate is one near and dear to my heart for many reasons.  As the daughter of Christmas tree farmers, and a forester by trade, I most definitely have strong opinions.  Yes, you guessed it… I am 100% in support of people buying a real tree, but don’t worry I will examine this More

Keep it Simple: A stubborn little maple tree

Keep it Simple: A stubborn little maple tree Michael Jones Petoskey News (MI), 111616 Long after the red and sugar maples in the woods around our house gave up their leaves, this fall the 25-foot tall Norway maple in the front yard stubbornly clung to its full complement of fiery golden leaves. It wasn’t until More

Why Public Health Researchers are Looking to Urban Trees

For all its comforts and conveniences, urban living can be hard on your lungs. Around three million people around the world die prematurely due to the effects of air pollution every year according to the UN, and studies suggest that number could grow to 6.2 million people per year by 2050. Most of these deaths More

Join us for our biggest fall tree planting yet!

As fall sweeps through Michigan it’s almost impossible to ignore our state’s great trees. The crisp air, apple cider, and cozy evenings pale in comparison to the beauty of our fall leaves. Grand Rapids is lucky to have so many tree-lined streets and parks lighting up with golden fall colors. Some streets, however, aren’t so More